Buritipar Group started its investment platform in 2017, with the vision of investing in operating assets in the base sectors of the Brazilian economy, through the acquisition of companies in the mining, logistics and reforestation sectors.


Founded by businessman and engineer João José Oliveira de Araújo, a professional with over 20 years of experience who has worked in companies from various sectors.


In 2018 three companies were founded, Avanti BR, Nexon Mining and National Farms, to diversify their assets in the infrastructure, mining, logistics and agribusiness sectors. In addition to the construction of Barcarena Port Terminal, a subsidiary of Avanti BR in the State of Pará.

The group also controls Buritirama Mineração, the country's largest manganese producer and the world's fourth largest.



Company acquired in 2017 by the Buritipar and the project contemplates 3 phases with a total of 15 million tons of cargo after the conclusion and maturation of the last stage. The first phase begins in 2019 for 5 million tons of cargo moved to completion in 2021.

Company founded in 2018 as a real estate investment platform, logistics provider and major infrastructure projects in the sector.


The company commenced operations back in 2019.

Fazendas Nacionais (National Farms) is a company belonging to the Buritipar Group, which started operations in 2018. The company is the Group's growth platform in the agribusiness sector.

Company founded in 2018 as an investment platform in the mining sector, diversifying the portfolio in the sector in which the Controller Group operates. The Group's various mining rights will be concentrated in this operation.

Buritirama is one of the largest manganese producers in the world. Its ore is recognized worldwide for its quality.